“A truly heaven on earth!!”

Spending a whole week to celebrate my birthday there with my friends was an amazing time ever!! I could say that this is the best 17th birthday ever! No need big parties because Raja Ampat already gave me a big shot. Especially the island, Urai Island, it’s extremely indescribable! Doberai Eco Resort itself has a really great resort. It’s a comfy place, peaceful, and for me it’s full of joy. It feels like home. We can see a good view from the terrace of the resort.
The staffs are very enjoyable and kind. They served their guests like a real king. Not to mention, the chef in this resort managed to make my tongue shaking for goodness! The foods are all have an amazing taste, every one of them. The package that they gave to me was really interesting and so satisfying. Well, I’m out of words and I can’t lie, this is the best trip ever, and it will always be! Can’t wait to spend another time there!