“Amazing Island”

I was so curious to prove by my self that Raja Ampat is special and beautiful as its name soaring rapidly for the last several years.
And after visiting it, I have to admit that the beauty is more than I imagined before.

Raja Ampat should be owned, enjoyed, and taken cared of not only by Indonesian, but everybody from all around the world, regardless what country they are from. This is one of the very view “heritage” from the mother nature that still exists so far.

We came to Raja Ampat as a big group from top leading local company, and we chose to stay in Doberai Eco Resort, we are simply fully satisfied. Doberai Eco Resort proved to us that they deserve to handle us, big group, from top leading company. We are the group #4 from our company who came to stay in this resort, they manage to maintain their unique service excellent.

Serving the guests by heart, that is how Doberai Eco Resort performs and satisfies its guests. Raja Ampat and Doberai Eco Resort fit to each other, very natural, humble but beautiful.