“excellent service and amazing place”

This is the place where everyone who has the family, must go there… we can learn a lot from the nature from here, in Daborai, in Urai island.. from the beautifull wide sky.. no polution and where the wind blowing freshner… from the sea has various beautifull view, corals, fish.. and from the people in their commitment serve us completely and guide us to the hills, around the islands and to dive (a guider is a master of Padi) with service with their professionality, in honestly, hospitality and kindly heart… off course the local menues in restourant, very excellent… specially fish menu, in steam, soup, grill, etc… yummy.. plus sambal dabu-dabu.. very spicy.. wow .. the vagetarian can also enjoy so much in here, the chief very excellent ti cook vagetables… specially with indonesian taste…very delicious..