“Heaven on earth in West Papua”

It was the first time for me (Indonesian), and my friend (Japanese), but we both agree that this is the best place we ever visited in Indonesia. The villa was nice, full of string wood and bamboo material, and equiped with nice bathroom (though its not a shower style, but enough for me). Under the villa, we can see the turqoise water surround and sometimes a small shark came in the waters surroound the villa. Many fishes are play around. Everytime I open the door, always see beautiful scene of sea, islands and sky.

But the best for me: snorkeling, canoeing, and diving. Even for me who can not swim, and afraid to the sea. Here, I’ve tried diving for the first time in my life. They have a good instructor, he teach me step by step, until finally I enjoy the dive and see many beautiful things underwater: colourful fishes and coral reefs, makes me dive for more than 8 meters without I realize.

To reach this place, you can even ask the management to pick you up at the airport of Sorong, or Waisai airport/port. From Waisai airport, it takes only 20 minutes while we can enjoy the beautiful scene of sea mountain and also colorfull coral reefs.

They also provide the food. You dont have to worry about this. The chef cooks a delicious-traditional food of Indonesia, and you can enjoy your dinner-lunch with nice of view, smell of sea, sound of wave and birds.

This is the place I would be happy to stay for a week. There is no other place like here where you can do manythings at the same areal, with reasonable price.