“Highly recommended”

Went to Raja with a group of friends and we were deliberating for ages about accommodation. We were struggling to find anything between the expensive high end resorts and the very budget options (e.g Waiwo- which locals had advised us was very basic.) We took a gamble with Doberai but it totally paid off and was absolutely perfect. They were there to meet us off the ferry when we arrived and looked after us so well. The huts on stilts are just beautiful and we saw the most incredible sunsets. There is an island near the huts you can snorkel round and spot amazing things- e.g turtles, sharks. (Polite sharks as they call them- safe sharks!) The odd insect was spotted in the rooms but the beds all have mosquito nets over them and there is something so special about hearing the water lapping underneath you. There wasn’t hot water for showers and you only really had jugs to bathe yourself but it didn’t matter at all as made us fell all part of the eco resort and beauty of Raja Ampat. Selection of different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of amazing freshly caught fish and rice. Didn’t really spend anything when we were there- bar the odd soft drink.

Amir and Rhevki- the two main resort managers were just brilliant and so accommodating in any way they could be (though English is slightly limited so you may need to act things out.) I even did two dives having never done it before. They knew all the fish and corals under the water and some great places – e.g chicken point to dive with sharks and manta point to see manta rays.

I advise contacting the resort directly and getting them to put a price together for your requirements e.g diving or snorkelling.

It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone there.

If you want to make a donation to keep Raja Ampat as beautiful as it is I recommend supporting the Kalabia conservation project which does a wonderful job teaching all the local communities about conservation . https://www.facebook.com/KalabiaEducation