“Juan PuroYoga”

I ve been traveling around the world for as far as I can remember. Last few year my destination has been Indonesia, and this last Xmas, I finally made it to Raja Ampat.

When I book online this resort, it look very charming. Once I ve got there, I couldn’t believe it 🙂 It was exactly what I needed, I stayed for 4 nights in the Bungalow n3.

First day… and the following days

What a dream!.. in the early morning the tight is up and the sun shines through the floating bungalow, inviting you to to get out of bed, the stunning view and natural pool is waiting for you to say good morning, full of life!

Breakfast was really good, this place is so intimate that it feels like you ve been living there, and it s actually your house in paradise.

While we were there, there was another couple few bungalows away, but we felt that we had the whole island for ourselves, later on we went for snorkelling right infront. we saw, snakes.. sharks and infinite colours and beautiful creatures.

Lunch time was delicious and then straight for siesta time in our terrace.
Around 3 we went up to the hill, and then later to the beach at the other side of the island, just before I thought can this get any better.. BAAAM!

We stayed till sunset, top!

At diner time, there was a problem with the generator and all the light went down for 5 min.. Best 5 min of darkness … THE SKY!!! .. no no seriously, you could even see satellites everywhere, falling starts and just incredible open view of the space!

They offer day trips, diving and they have snorkers to rent, cold beer, fresh water etc..

It became a tradition every night after diner, as well as our next days.. we truly enjoyed staying in here. it will always stay in our hearts..

we will come back soon.