“Nature, Secluded and Private”

Stayed in Doberai Eco Resort for 7 days. Scuba dived everyday except the first and last day.
We did not expect much from the resort before we came as the price was very reasonable and that it came across in the internet as a basic resort. But as soon as we arrived at the Waisai harbour, we were greeted by Amir, the resort manager/divemaster and a few other staffs before even we had a chance to exit the ferry! Believe me, its tough job to get in and out of the ferry with a luggage in tow. But they helped us and into their private boat. New boat btw. 30 minutes boat ride and we were there at the resort. Firstly, let me tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say that the cove that lead to the resort had fantastic view. Its like the view from the movie, The Beach, with 5 water huts greeting us. We were sent directly to our rooms. Served with a coconut drink in a cocktail glass.
The rooms were spacious but we spent most of our time on our sea facing verandah most of the time.. Its windy and cooling there.
Diving was fantastic. What more can you say about Raja Ampat? But I do wanna highlight a few strong points about diving with Doberai. Firstly, diving with them is so effortless. You just need to leave your stuffs with them on day one and they’ll handle the rest for you. Surfacing from a dive, you can remove your BCD in the water if you want to. Secondly, Theres no limit to bottom time, as long as you dive within SAFE perimeters of No Deco, available air and procedures. Thirdly, they have a great Macro spotter from Manado who spotted so many critters for us. Fourthly, and most importantly, Doberai is within 30 mins of most dive sites! You do not have to be on a live aboard! And… Doberai has superb house reefs all around the island. We spotted, pygmy seahorses, walking shark, Wonderpus, turtles, lots of weird Nudibranchs, lobsters, etc etc..
As for the resort, expect it to be an Eco resort at the highest standard. Eco is the word so you won’t be expecting much more than that.
I have to be honest that I was afraid that my choice was wrong in selecting this resort after reading the earlier review by a Canadian named Ken (the only one with One Star rating). But after staying at Doberai for 7 days, NO REGRETS! We laughed at the stupid remarks made by Ken as it was totally meant to slander Doberai (take note that I am a Singaporean and we are generally fussy people!) We waited for high tide to see if what Ken said was true that we had to wade in water to get back to our rooms after meals. WELL.. The calm waves do reach almost the foot of the steps (Only at high tide) with just an inch of water! But a clever person could just time it when the wave subside a few seconds later to go up the step! It’s no problemo!! Absurd post by this individual.
Anyways, when we do return to Raja Ampat, we would definitely choose Doberai again for their location, staff hospitality and the excellent reefs surrounding it.