“excellent service and amazing place”

This is the place where everyone who has the family, must go there… we can learn a lot from the nature from here, in Daborai, in Urai island.. from the beautifull wide sky.. no polution and where the wind blowing freshner… from the sea has various beautifull view, corals, fish.. and from the people in their commitment serve us completely and guide us to the hills, around the islands and to dive (a guider is a master of Padi) with service with their professionality, in honestly, hospitality and kindly heart… off course the local menues in restourant, very excellent… specially fish menu, in steam, soup, grill, etc… yummy.. plus sambal dabu-dabu.. very spicy.. wow .. the vagetarian can also enjoy so much in here, the chief very excellent ti cook vagetables… specially with indonesian taste…very delicious..


“great day at doberai”

really nice and peaceful place to stay….
i can enjoy my day with snorkling diving and sunbath…
for the diving area i really love to dive on asri point
i can dive and play with the yellow snapper fish
food really great
and room simple and back to nature
hope can back to doberai again…
service excellent, all staff so helpfull


Indrajaya A

In a nutshell: we just spent two weeks in a piece of Paradise which is “placed on earth”, and for sure we shall return.
Snorkling is exciting around Urai island, a small island managed by Doberai Eco Resort. Excellent resort, simple, natural, typical tropical resort, and able to deliver full comviniency to the guests, especially the veranda Of the bungalows, so simple but so relaxing.
The management is local, with all local staffs. They are friendly, helpfull, and very down to earth, they deliver really typical asian hospitality. If issues arise, they do their best to solve the problem asap, they are not the best, but profesional enough.

Places to dive was chosen by taking guests’ interest and weather condition. It is really obvious that they do their best to please and satisfy their guests. Being in a place amid the natural mother nature, sometimes things dont run fully as planned, we have to realize that.

Food: Yummi, they are not calculative, they serve by buffet, and if when we requested something, they fullfilled, almost every thing we wanted.
Their accomodation, they are not extravagance, simple, natural, pragmatic, comfy and clean.
Summary: Doberai is recommendable


We (Norwegian & Indonesian) have visited this place twice in this year. 1st trip was April 2013 and 2nd trip was October 2013. We acknowledge that there’s some improvements, really appreciate the management.
We like this place. Everytime we came there, it was like detox time.
Doberai made good itineraries for us. They chose good, nice and unique dive spots.
They arranged early morning trip to see manta ray, we were the 1st group reached that spot so we had quite long time (around 20 minutes) to see the dancing manta. It was amazing experience.
Corals around Urai island were amazing, so colourful.
We saw little sting ray, sea horse, angel fish, clown fish and many other fishes, when we were snorkelling in Urai island. This amazing underwater scenery was very close to the beach.
They also arranged a trip to kabui and panemo, also nice trip.
We had great experience, underwater and landscape of Raja Ampat…thanks to Doberai
Room is big and clean.
They made the best grilled red snapper, so juicy.
Staffs were friendly and helpful.
Doberai is a sanctuary….the right place to recharge our life battery

  • Stayed October 2013, traveled as a couple


“One week is not enough”

Truly not enough!!! There are so much things to do and to see there, making one week is really not enough. Starting the days by listening varieties of birds singing all over the island, telling us to not spending time to much to sleep. Yeah… The Mother Nature is too beautiful to be ignored.

During the day, we saw magnificent limestones called Kaliraja and Kabui. Hidden bay should not be missed when you go to Raja Ampat…..so amazing…like labyrinth ….and so quiet…next time I go back there for kayaking. Another place is Phonemo, interesting, challenging for the one who like trekking….and the view is breathtaking… Saonek, Friwen, Yembuba are the places for snorekling lovers…can’t say anything… I also managed to witness Cendrawasih birds in their natural habitat……we should take of them correctly….we can’t afford to loose them….they are simply beautiful.

The Urai island we stayed, Doberai Eco Resort, so sexy, very natural, white sand are every where, and so empty, leaving only you and partner in the beach…..you own the island, exciting…. The resort itself is so simple and natural….really blended perfectly to its environment. The staff are local and managed to deliver their services humbly.

Having vacation in Raja Ampat could not be compared with other places….it’s special. One week is not enough…..

  • Stayed December 2013, traveled with friends


“Idyllic location and excellent hosts”

I highly recommend Doberai Eco Resort for couples or friends visiting Raja Ampat. It offers an excellent option for those that want an excellent location but don’t want to pay a premium price. The resort is nestled in a small bay which has it’s own beach.
The hosts were fantastic. We went for the dive package and they made us feel very safe when teaching us diving, encouraging us to push our boundaries. They bought me some shorts because my luggage was lost en route to Raja Ampat.
The food was good, I’m sure you’ll love the barbequed fish.
You should be aware that the resort, like many in the area, is an eco resort so the electricity is only available at night (but they did turn it on for us when we really needed it). There is no air conditioning and the showers are simple, but this only helps you feel closer to nature.
If you are looking for a nice place but not a huge price, I’m sure you’ll love it here.


“Highly recommended”

Went to Raja with a group of friends and we were deliberating for ages about accommodation. We were struggling to find anything between the expensive high end resorts and the very budget options (e.g Waiwo- which locals had advised us was very basic.) We took a gamble with Doberai but it totally paid off and was absolutely perfect. They were there to meet us off the ferry when we arrived and looked after us so well. The huts on stilts are just beautiful and we saw the most incredible sunsets. There is an island near the huts you can snorkel round and spot amazing things- e.g turtles, sharks. (Polite sharks as they call them- safe sharks!) The odd insect was spotted in the rooms but the beds all have mosquito nets over them and there is something so special about hearing the water lapping underneath you. There wasn’t hot water for showers and you only really had jugs to bathe yourself but it didn’t matter at all as made us fell all part of the eco resort and beauty of Raja Ampat. Selection of different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of amazing freshly caught fish and rice. Didn’t really spend anything when we were there- bar the odd soft drink.

Amir and Rhevki- the two main resort managers were just brilliant and so accommodating in any way they could be (though English is slightly limited so you may need to act things out.) I even did two dives having never done it before. They knew all the fish and corals under the water and some great places – e.g chicken point to dive with sharks and manta point to see manta rays.

I advise contacting the resort directly and getting them to put a price together for your requirements e.g diving or snorkelling.

It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone there.

If you want to make a donation to keep Raja Ampat as beautiful as it is I recommend supporting the Kalabia conservation project which does a wonderful job teaching all the local communities about conservation . https://www.facebook.com/KalabiaEducation

“Nature, Secluded and Private”

Stayed in Doberai Eco Resort for 7 days. Scuba dived everyday except the first and last day.
We did not expect much from the resort before we came as the price was very reasonable and that it came across in the internet as a basic resort. But as soon as we arrived at the Waisai harbour, we were greeted by Amir, the resort manager/divemaster and a few other staffs before even we had a chance to exit the ferry! Believe me, its tough job to get in and out of the ferry with a luggage in tow. But they helped us and into their private boat. New boat btw. 30 minutes boat ride and we were there at the resort. Firstly, let me tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say that the cove that lead to the resort had fantastic view. Its like the view from the movie, The Beach, with 5 water huts greeting us. We were sent directly to our rooms. Served with a coconut drink in a cocktail glass.
The rooms were spacious but we spent most of our time on our sea facing verandah most of the time.. Its windy and cooling there.
Diving was fantastic. What more can you say about Raja Ampat? But I do wanna highlight a few strong points about diving with Doberai. Firstly, diving with them is so effortless. You just need to leave your stuffs with them on day one and they’ll handle the rest for you. Surfacing from a dive, you can remove your BCD in the water if you want to. Secondly, Theres no limit to bottom time, as long as you dive within SAFE perimeters of No Deco, available air and procedures. Thirdly, they have a great Macro spotter from Manado who spotted so many critters for us. Fourthly, and most importantly, Doberai is within 30 mins of most dive sites! You do not have to be on a live aboard! And… Doberai has superb house reefs all around the island. We spotted, pygmy seahorses, walking shark, Wonderpus, turtles, lots of weird Nudibranchs, lobsters, etc etc..
As for the resort, expect it to be an Eco resort at the highest standard. Eco is the word so you won’t be expecting much more than that.
I have to be honest that I was afraid that my choice was wrong in selecting this resort after reading the earlier review by a Canadian named Ken (the only one with One Star rating). But after staying at Doberai for 7 days, NO REGRETS! We laughed at the stupid remarks made by Ken as it was totally meant to slander Doberai (take note that I am a Singaporean and we are generally fussy people!) We waited for high tide to see if what Ken said was true that we had to wade in water to get back to our rooms after meals. WELL.. The calm waves do reach almost the foot of the steps (Only at high tide) with just an inch of water! But a clever person could just time it when the wave subside a few seconds later to go up the step! It’s no problemo!! Absurd post by this individual.
Anyways, when we do return to Raja Ampat, we would definitely choose Doberai again for their location, staff hospitality and the excellent reefs surrounding it.


“Juan PuroYoga”

I ve been traveling around the world for as far as I can remember. Last few year my destination has been Indonesia, and this last Xmas, I finally made it to Raja Ampat.

When I book online this resort, it look very charming. Once I ve got there, I couldn’t believe it 🙂 It was exactly what I needed, I stayed for 4 nights in the Bungalow n3.

First day… and the following days

What a dream!.. in the early morning the tight is up and the sun shines through the floating bungalow, inviting you to to get out of bed, the stunning view and natural pool is waiting for you to say good morning, full of life!

Breakfast was really good, this place is so intimate that it feels like you ve been living there, and it s actually your house in paradise.

While we were there, there was another couple few bungalows away, but we felt that we had the whole island for ourselves, later on we went for snorkelling right infront. we saw, snakes.. sharks and infinite colours and beautiful creatures.

Lunch time was delicious and then straight for siesta time in our terrace.
Around 3 we went up to the hill, and then later to the beach at the other side of the island, just before I thought can this get any better.. BAAAM!

We stayed till sunset, top!

At diner time, there was a problem with the generator and all the light went down for 5 min.. Best 5 min of darkness … THE SKY!!! .. no no seriously, you could even see satellites everywhere, falling starts and just incredible open view of the space!

They offer day trips, diving and they have snorkers to rent, cold beer, fresh water etc..

It became a tradition every night after diner, as well as our next days.. we truly enjoyed staying in here. it will always stay in our hearts..

we will come back soon.

“Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort”

Excellent resort located in very nice environment, the coral reef and the fishes are awesome, just snorkeling in front of the resort, close to the small Island you’ll see intact and diverse reefs. Bigger fishes can easily seen in the water behind the resort. I really enjoy the various sound of birds in the morning and in the afternoon. The services is wonderful, they are all very friendly, nice and diverse foods. Highly recommended