“Absolutely Fantastic Resort”

Staying at Doberai Eco Resort,Raja Ampat with the eco concept is really fantastic experience. The resort located in Uray island with its beautiful scene that you can enjoy from any sites of the island. Other than the spectacular view of the underwater with wide variety and colorful of corals and fishes, we also explore the island by doing trekking to the top of the hill and experience the most beautiful view that we never stop admiring it.
The service is excellent with friendly and helpful staff.

Would we go back ?…The answer is absolutely yes. It’s a perfect place for holiday destination.
Highly recommended

“Amazing Doberai”

I have been travelling with my group all over indonesia. spent a lot of time everywhere. this review is not about the reef. because if you are looking about going on a vacation to Raja Ampat you probably already know how amazing the ocean is in this part of the world. This review gives BIG UPs to the Doberai Eco Resort and CREW!

The staff members were very friendly and pleasant. We enjoyed our time during the day with the dive masters on the boat, and at night over drinks with the admin staff. The staff proved to be very knowledgeable in regards to the ocean, its species, life in Papua, marine life, diving, etc..

No need to mention the diving, and quality of the reefs, and the diversity of marine life (that for granted).

The bungalows are cleaned every day. The food was amazing, with a variety of fish and vegetarian dishes served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The resort offers great views (sunset, sunrise, and views of neighboring islands). No doubt, it is a Recommendable Resort to stay.

“Amazing Island”

I was so curious to prove by my self that Raja Ampat is special and beautiful as its name soaring rapidly for the last several years.
And after visiting it, I have to admit that the beauty is more than I imagined before.

Raja Ampat should be owned, enjoyed, and taken cared of not only by Indonesian, but everybody from all around the world, regardless what country they are from. This is one of the very view “heritage” from the mother nature that still exists so far.

We came to Raja Ampat as a big group from top leading local company, and we chose to stay in Doberai Eco Resort, we are simply fully satisfied. Doberai Eco Resort proved to us that they deserve to handle us, big group, from top leading company. We are the group #4 from our company who came to stay in this resort, they manage to maintain their unique service excellent.

Serving the guests by heart, that is how Doberai Eco Resort performs and satisfies its guests. Raja Ampat and Doberai Eco Resort fit to each other, very natural, humble but beautiful.


“Excellent Resort”

A beautiful resort, staff are very friendly and welcoming and it felt like we were part of the Doberai family whilst we were there. The scenery is breathtaking and Eqi and Sepfree are both enthusiastic and keen to take you to the best scuba diving spots. The food is homecooked and is delicious and the rooms, though simple are comfortable and quaint. Would definitely recommend this place.

“Paradise for Divers and relaxing”

after nearly one year we just about to visit Doberai the second time. I think this said is one of the best compliment for a place. The only thing what was not so perfect there is the internet/GSM connection. But if you are on a place like this you will face this drawback. Everything else is just perfect: A really nice team, nice food everyday with fresh fish or chicken, lovely over water huts and at all the place is just one of the beautiful you can imagine. Bring a GoPro or something similar to take close up videos of Mantas! On low tide during the night there was sometimes illuminating seaweed (or whatever) in the bay and that was one of the nicest thinks you can see.


“Heaven on earth in West Papua”

It was the first time for me (Indonesian), and my friend (Japanese), but we both agree that this is the best place we ever visited in Indonesia. The villa was nice, full of string wood and bamboo material, and equiped with nice bathroom (though its not a shower style, but enough for me). Under the villa, we can see the turqoise water surround and sometimes a small shark came in the waters surroound the villa. Many fishes are play around. Everytime I open the door, always see beautiful scene of sea, islands and sky.

But the best for me: snorkeling, canoeing, and diving. Even for me who can not swim, and afraid to the sea. Here, I’ve tried diving for the first time in my life. They have a good instructor, he teach me step by step, until finally I enjoy the dive and see many beautiful things underwater: colourful fishes and coral reefs, makes me dive for more than 8 meters without I realize.

To reach this place, you can even ask the management to pick you up at the airport of Sorong, or Waisai airport/port. From Waisai airport, it takes only 20 minutes while we can enjoy the beautiful scene of sea mountain and also colorfull coral reefs.

They also provide the food. You dont have to worry about this. The chef cooks a delicious-traditional food of Indonesia, and you can enjoy your dinner-lunch with nice of view, smell of sea, sound of wave and birds.

This is the place I would be happy to stay for a week. There is no other place like here where you can do manythings at the same areal, with reasonable price.


“Lost Paradise at Doberai ”

We visited the Doberai Eco Resort for a short 2 nights 3 days holiday. Previously just want to visit raja ampat and play around the island. Yet the experience change our expectation, a way more than we ever expected. The nature is pristine and secluded from outer world,the staff are very friendly and helpful. We have almost zero experience in diving and snorkling,but they can make us amazed with the beauty of the sea around the island. They become great teacher and guide for us to dive and snorkle. So their motto comes for real “COME AS A GUEST,STAY AS FAMILY,LEAVE AS A FRIEND”…..

Stayed March 2015, traveled as a couple


“Diving Raja Ampat at Doberai Eco Resort”

Amazing base for exploring the fantastic subsea treasures of Raja Ampat. The food was better than we anticipated for a remote location, the staff were all friendly and helpful, and we loved playing with Etos the resort dog on the beach. The accommodation was basic, but the setting was spectacular.

Best of all our Dive Master Ade was organized, knowledgeable, competent, and made us feel very comfortable. He does a pre-dive briefing by sketching out a diagram of the dive site from memory. He has a remarkable eye for the micro wonders such as nudibranches and pygmy sea horses, so stay close to him while you dive to not miss a thing. The diving was incredible and there are dozens of great dive sites within a 10-30 minutes of the resort.

Stayed March 2015, traveled as a couple

“Peaceful Paradise”

Great place to wind down, relax and enjoy wild life both above and under water.
We went there for 5 days but really felt we would have stayed longer. Unfortunately we had arrangements so we had to leave.
The accommodation is basic but for us, sleeping on the water and being able to enjoy the view and wild marine right at your feet more than paid off. Electricity is available from 18:00 to 22:00 so a good idea is to have a lamp or flash light with you.
If you enjoy Asian cuisine, the food is great and more than enough (3 meals a day plus a tea & snack in the afternoon). We felt spoiled by the staff on every occasion.
Diving in Raja is incredible. There’s so much to see under water that every dive feels a totally different experience.


“The Most Nature and Stunning View at Raja Ampat”

Took a few hours from sorong to Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort. The resort is very well managed, green, cozy and blend it to the greenish, blueish colors came from ocean just underneath of your villa and lush trees everywhere whenever your eyes sees direct it to the land, seems every where it so green fresh and pleasure to seet it. You can imagine being some where so peacuful. Indeed you could also feel you are at paradise. Playing around with fishes when you are diving and snorkling. Kanoing, hiking and tracking to up mountain to see the islands surround it at Raja Ampat. Birds also flying around freely around your villas. Having a fresh seafood every day also toss with fresh vegi. It is the place to be to have a gate way from hectic world. It is worth to visit and spend one time of your life.