We stayed there for about 5 nights, and it was absolutely amazing, most definitely paradise. Doberai Eco Resort have an island of their own, one that is sooo relaxing and really helps you unwind. Their beaches are very clean, and untouched, especially the beach on the island where the resort is. The coral as well just around the Urai island was soo untouched, so clean and beautiful you could see all the coral just from kayaking. The purpose of my trip was for diving, but even just snorkeling around JB’s park was absolutely amazing. They also have another snorkeling site with giant corals that look like roses, and even that is good enough. As well as that the diving in general was absolutely breathtaking!! Our dive masters were so helpful and pointed out so many things like for us we saw 3 manta rays, 10 devil rays, at least 15 sharks just diving, school of parrot fish, and much much more. The resort can also take you to many places like the mushroom islands, sand banks and more for an affordable price. Also the food was really quite good, a lot of fish and chicken for dinner and lunch, very simple indonesian dishes but the food was good. But despite this my favorite part of the food they had were the snacks they gave us everyday, which was kind of like our tea time and the food they gave us were traditional Indonesian cakes which were delicious. Furthermore, our rooms were very simple, they had a water dispenser for clean drinking water and a shelf for clothes, and a bed or 2 or maybe more depending on how many people are staying in a room. There was no aircon and the power was only for about 6-8 hours from 6pm-12am. But there was really no need for aircon because we spent most of our time in the water during the day, and at night there was a nice breeze that came from the ocean. Every morning we woke to a beautiful island view and clear blue waters, absolutely breathtaking and the best way to wake up each morning, and a lot of the time by the restaurant area or just around our rooms there were baby reef sharks, and baby stingrays that just swam around. The shower was a traditional Indonesian shower, which wasn’t so bad, it helped conserve water, and was fine and helped you refresh each night before you went to sleep because the water was cold but refreshing. The staff and owners of the resort were very friendly and really made us feel like we were family when we were staying, I truly did not want to leave. I really recommend this resort for whoever wants to enjoy it, and if you’re worried about no aircon, there is no need because along with this beautiful traditional top of water resort that I stayed at, the owners are building a new side to the resort with air conditioning, a normal shower, and much more. I really hope I can come back to the Doberai Eco Resort someday and once again really recommend it for anyone.