The Beauties of Raja Ampat that You Cant Afford to Miss

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Speaking of holidays, Raja Ampat seems never to be missed from the list. Beautiful and full of charm, Raja Ampat must be your next vacation destination.

Raja Ampat is a small archipelago in West Papua. Having a lot of islands, the traveler will be spoiled by various sights from various islands. Just point to going to what island, you will be lulled by beautiful landscapes like heaven.

These are some of the famous Raja Ampat destinations. Even some places have gotten a place in the hearts of famous people.

1. Pianemo

The beauty of Raja Ampat that makes eyes not blinking Photo: Raja Ampat, one of the best underwater tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Pianemo or often called Painemu is a karst region in the form of a group of coral islands that stretch in the ocean. Even called, the third most beautiful group of coral islands in Raja Ampat, after Wayag and Kabui.

So beautiful, President Jokowi who visited here called Pianemo a ‘little paradise’ in the Land of Papua. Not to forget the F1 drivers who recently also visited there. They are fascinated by the beauty of the land and underwater of Raja Ampat!

2. Laguna Bintang

The beauty of Raja Ampat that makes eyes not blink.
Laguna Bintang. As the name suggests, this place has a turquoise green lagoon shaped like a star. Not artificial, this is formed naturally!

To see this lagoon, the traveler must climb to the top of the hill and see the shape of the lagoon as a whole. From the top of the peak, the tarveler can see the clear lagoon surrounded by cliffs. Very beautiful!

Laguna Bintang is only 10 minutes from Pianemo by boat. Come on!

3. Arborek

Exploring Raja Ampat feels incomplete without setting foot in Arborek. Why is Arborek? The perfect holiday image feels like everyday life on this island.

Try to imagine, a calm sloping beach, blue and clear sea water, a clean stretch of white sand, and a sway of coconut trees … Everything feels real in Arborek.

That’s just land. When talking under the sea, it seems Arborek is indeed a champion. Got the title as one of the best diving spots in Raja Ampat, under the scenic Arborek sea. Coral reefs, beautiful fish and rays are Arborek’s advantages.

4. Sawing Rai

Talking about the beaches and underwater Raja Ampat is indeed endless. Not only that, a traveler who wants to experience life in Raja Ampat can come to Sawing Rai Village.

In this village a traveler can snorkel with beautiful fish, bird watching and see the cultures that exist. Snorkeling is a favorite activity in this village. The clear sea makes anyone see fish from the surface.

Raja Ampat is famous for its paradise birds, paradise. This village also provides bird watching attractions. Without the help of binoculars, you can see paradise on a 2 meter tall tree. However, only certain times you can see this bird, namely at 7-9 in the morning, and at 4-5 in the afternoon.

5. Wayag

Familiar with views of coral islands and blue sea? This is called Wayag Island. The cluster of coral islands is a special attraction for travelers.

Visiting Pulau Wayag, it is obligatory to climb Karang Island. Climbing Karang Island takes 30 minutes. Once arrived, feeling tired after climbing will pay off with the beautiful scenery. It’s so beautiful, it’s a shame to blink!