The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

Doberai Private Island One of The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

The Best Floating Resort in IndonesiaDoberai Private Island just recently chosen. As 1 of the 7 best floating resort in Indonesia.

Out of 7 best floating resort in Indonesia, Doberai is considered is the only resort. That occupies a private island individually. This makes Doberai Private Island unique. As a resort.

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Furthermore, Doberai Private Island is owned and run by local owner. Hence, the concept of the resort is fully Indonesian taste. In terms of personal services, food, ambience, and of course hospitality.

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Local Owner

Despite run and owned by, local owner, with Indonesian concept. The resorts guaranty that the standard follows. And meets the International standard. When it comes to safety and convenience.

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One of the best thing with Doberai Private Island is that the motto “come as guests, stay as family and leave as friends.”

This motto is obviously visible to the guests.

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It is Tropikala, a website currently gets around 14,000 page views per month. Has decided to convincingly reward Doberai Private Island the title. It is a vivid acknowledgement. Of our existence in the business.

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This is what Tropikala says about us. For a taste of true Indonesian hospitality, Doberai Private Island is a superb choice.

The resort is owned and run. By locals and prides itself. On delivering authentic Indonesian accommodation.

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Found in Raja Ampat, Doberai is surrounded by some of the best. Most biodiverse dive sites in the world.

On land, untouched rainforests are just waiting. To be explored by adventurous guests.

You can read the full article here.

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While Doberai’s surroundings are quite wild, its amenities are certainly not.

Visitors can enjoy the unique and delicious flavours of local dishes that are only found in this corner of the world.

If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience and true island getaway, Doberai Eco Resort is the place to go.

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