The Legend Originality Of Raja Ampat

The Legend Originality of Raja Ampat

The Origin Of Raja Ampat

The Legend originality of Raja Ampat – Can’t be separated from the indigenous tribes. Who inhabit the largest island. In Raja Ampat, Waigeu. Namely the Maya.

Raja Ampat Resort – Maya tribe is the name for the native tribe of Raja Ampat. Married from the word mam and yes which means. The real father is I. The virtual tribe originating from Mayalibit bay means room or room. Room for virtual people. The virtual people have not come out from the interior to the coast until the 19 th century.

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Nobody lives on the beach. They live in forests and mountains. They live in a simple roof house. Then came the Biak people. Were explorers in the sea. The emergence of ethnic groups. Makes the new virtual people go down. To the beach to know the boat more clearly.

Then fishing rods that were originally. Just a kind of rope. Or thread from a Genemo tree made them increasingly know fishing tools.

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Until now this indigenous tribe of Raja Ampat. Still lives on Waigeu island. But they did not live in Waisei. Which was the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. The virtual tribe chose to stay in the interior.

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The story of the origin of Raja Ampat

The story of the origin of Raja Ampat is inseparable from the story of the emergence of kings from the virtual tribe.

So, in the bay of Kabui is not far from Waigeu. There used to be the appearance of mysterious kings of 7 eggs. Until now the historical building. Where the egg originated has been built. But, the roof has been damaged. So, Raja Ampat comes from 4 kings who were born from 7 eggs. That were obtained. By the first generation of virtual tribes.

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But, naming Raja Ampat is also linked to the 4 major islands in Raja Ampat. Waigeu Island, Solawati, Batanta, and Misol. Also, connected with 4 tribes. That are dated at Waigeu, the tribe of ambel, langganyan, kawei and wawiyai.

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Developing from the 19th century, the people of Raja Ampat were then educated to become a formidable maritime society. But, then when Raja Ampat. Has become a world-class. Underwater tourist destination. Indigenous people of Raja Ampat feel neglected.

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The residents of Raja Ampat from the beginning also pushed Salawati Island to become the Capital of Raja Ampat Regency. But, the proposal was rejected. At present, they only hope that the Raja Ampat Regency government respects their existence. And develops a virtual tribe culture as a tourism asset. In Raja Ampat.

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