New Facilities in Tanjung Putus – We proudly announce that Doberai is now constructing new facilities. In another Island named Tanjung Putus. This facility will have 12 overwater bungalows & it’s prepared to be ready end of this year.

Tanjung Putus Island

Tanjung Putus Island is located 1 hour from Doberai Private Island. Just like Doberai Private Island that has a beautiful small calm bay right in front of the bungalows, Tanjung Putus has such kind of the view as well.

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The resort is designed to tap the same level of the market of Doberai Private Island. It’s intentionally built to give more alternatives to ambience & views. So that, guests could combine their stay in Doberai Private Island. And in Tanjung Putus Resort.


The management who will run the resort will be the same management that in Doberai. This will guaranty the high quality standard of services. That guests receive in Doberai, will be the same in Tanjung Putus.

So again, by having 2 facilities with only 50 minutes distance. Our guests could stay in both resorts. This will allow the guests to have more experience in 1 visit.

In terms of fun diving activity, our guests could even dive in more dive spots that before. Just to inform, that the Tanjung Putus resort has at least 7 house reef to dive. Out of 7 house reefs, at least four of them are mandatory dive spots. For all liveaboard & resorts around to dive.

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This new resort offers extraordinary views, that only very view resort in the world have. And this resort has 2 kinds of view. Which separated only by 2 minutes walking. The first view is a bay view. Where 1 couldn’t see any open sew view. Exactly just like in a lake. And where the other view, is that guests could see right at the beach facing the sea. These 2 views are separated by natural exotic mangroves.