The Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Raja Ampat Coral Reef – Damage to coral reefs in Raja Ampat, West Papua, due to the collapse of the MV Caledonian Sky cruise ship in the Dampier Strait, recently, was very concerning for many groups, especially environmental activists.

Because the coral reef of Raja Ampat, which is known as the center of marine biodiversity in the world, suffered extensive damage, reaching 1.8 hectares.

Support from many parties is needed in order to be able to return to their original conditions.

The definite disadvantage is that coral reefs die from being crushed by a ship, not to mention the living creatures that grow coral.

The concern and many parties is that Raja Ampat is widely recognized as a global center for marine biodiversity.

Raja Ampat’s coral reefs store natural assets, which are not only important for Raja Ampat and the Indonesian people, but the world community at large.

Therefore, the institution which has conservation programs in 69 countries including Indonesia, would certainly welcome with open arms, if there is a request for assistance from the Indonesian government, to do restoration on damaged coral reefs. because this is a big job that requires the participation of many parties.

Long before the Caledonian Sky vessel incident occurred, Dini and its conservation institutions had programs in Raja Ampat for more than 13 years.

The program called Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area was approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

The new conservation just recently developed by all the stake holders which is to addrees the rapid grow of the starfish that kill hard coral reef in Raja Ampat. The program contains many activities that need to be done in order by all parties involved in the tourism industry of Raja Ampat. Now the program has come to the activity to replanting the new coral reef in the area that have been damaged by the starfish.