The Shark Named Wobbegong

The Shark Named Wobbegong

The Shark Named Wobbegong

The Shark Named Wobbegong – Indonesia does have amazing underwater paradise. Surprisingly there are not many photographers in the country who explore this potential.

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Many books and literature underwater photography from abroad actually take objects and underwater scenery Indonesia.

Raja Ampat represents everything, the land is still virgin, lagoons and sheltered bays, beautiful beaches and blue sea. The islands are too broad to be explored in a week.

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It may take a full month to be able to visit the entire islands. Main dive spots for domestic and foreign divers to explore is in the region of South Waigeo.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Private Island

The strategic location of Raja Ampat Doberai Private Island is located in the region of South Waigeo, and it is very easy for divers to meet the desire to dive in various spots which have its own uniqueness.

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One type of fish that always to be sought by divers is a type of shark. Raja Ampat is famous for various types of sharks. There is an interesting species of shark, known as carpet sharks, also known by the name wobbegongs.

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This species of sharks have a beard carpet with a pattern resembling the skin colour of batik.

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During the day, these sharks are usually hiding in the cave with his head sticking out. While at night, these sharks can be found lying on the seabed in the outdoors.

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These sharks are not violent and do not attack humans unless disturbed and touched. To be able to see what kind of shark it is, you do not need to look far, around the area of ​​Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort enough to take 10 minutes we can already see this shark.

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We can see sharks Wobbegong sleeping leaning on the corner of coral sand. This kind of small sharks spotted pattern dots all over his body.

Generally, this shark just remains silent. But not for this one, suddenly he shot floated away.

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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is located on the Urai island and placed in the territory of South Waigeo District. The island is located at the entrance of Kabui bay.

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We can also see another type of shark that run with no less interesting in Raja Ampat such as walking or epaulette shark. Wobeggong has many complexions depending on the species, but in general, is white with brown spots such as military uniforms.

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This helps the shark to camouflage themselves from predators. Sharks running normally only be found in diving at night. It was the first time I saw the fish runs under the sea.

And he walked quickly. Maybe he was shy to be photographed, so I did not manage to take a picture as a whole because he was hiding in coral hole.

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