Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat

5 Items You Must Bring When Traveling to Raja Ampat

5 Items You Must Bring When Traveling to Raja Ampat

Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat – For travelers who like snorkeling and diving, it could be that Raja Ampat, Papua is on the list of places you are after. The stunning underwater scenery has successfully spoiled the eyes of local and foreign tourists for a long time.

Planning to Raja Ampat in the near future? The ticket and accommodation are done, don’t forget to bring these five items, so that your traveling will run smoothly. Find out more here!

Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat Is Cash

Yup, money is the most important thing when you travel. But specifically for Raja Ampat, you must bring cash, here. Do not rely on ATM cards or credit cards, because it will make you bother when transacting in Raja Ampat. You could say that all transactions in Bunaken are carried out in cash, starting from when buying food, to renting equipment and ships. So, before leaving, make sure you have brought enough cash, yes.

Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat Is To Complete documents

What is meant by documents here is not your personal data such as KTP and SIM, but all proof of rent and transactions while in Raja Ampat. For example, a receipt for renting a boat and snorkeling equipment. Do not underestimate, this is important so you do not have to bother explaining repeatedly when asked for proof. It would be more practical if you bring your own water sport equipment, you can save a thousand queens, right. Also don’t forget to bring a diving certificate for you who will dive in Raja Ampat.

Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat Is Underwater camera

Underwater scenery in Raja Ampat, it would be a pity if not immortalized. Especially if travelers can all be the model, he he he. Surely the underwater camera must be an item that must be taken when to Raja Ampat. If your group does not have a special camera, you can also rent and ask for a guide to capture your action while under water. Initially it was difficult. But when you look at the cool photo, it’s really worth a try.

4. Sunscreen cream

Being under the hot sun for a long time, of course the risk of darkening the skin. Better if it’s flat, it will even streak and look scorched. Not to mention the threat of burning skin, or even skin cancer. Hiiii! Avoid these things by bringing sunscreen or sunblock cream with a minimum protection of SPF30. Apply it evenly to all body skin and face, periodically. Do not take it lightly, even though your activity is under water but still the sun’s rays can penetrate it.

5. Glasses

Eits, do not think of glasses only for style, yes. This object must be carried, especially if your eyes are sensitive if exposed to foreign objects in the wind. For example when on a boat to the location of snorkeling, sunglasses can banish fairly strong winds. When sunbathing on the beach, the sand can be blocked by glasses. And most importantly – especially for women – glasses can make your face stay young. Yup, frowning too often when your eyes glare will make a permanent mark on the forehead aka wrinkles!