Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

7 Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

7 Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat – A vacation to Raja Ampat is certainly fun. But before leaving there, there are a number that need attention.

Raja Ampat does have extraordinary appeal. However, before going to Raja Ampat you must know about this first, so that the preparation becomes more okay and the holidays can be maximized.

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

To go to Raja Ampat, it costs a lot of money. The Jakarta-Sorong aircraft are priced starting at 1.3 million rupiah. After arriving at the airport, tourists must use a car to the ferry port that takes tourists from Sorong to Raja Ampat for IDR 50,000 for economy class, and IDR 215,000 for VIP class.

To explore Raja Ampat can use a speedboat with prices ranging from 7-8 million rupiah. To save costs, tourists can take an open trip of up to 10 people so that the cost of speedboats can be divided by ten.

Is About Lodging

There, tourists can choose to stay at a resort or homestay. If you want to save costs, tourists can stay at home stays at a price of hundreds of thousands compared to staying at resorts that are priced at millions of rupiah.

Is About Food

For staples, it is usually included with the price of staying at the resort. But for the price of food there is also not too expensive. For example when buying food there, I paid Rp. 12,000 for one serving of yellow rice. Cup instant noodles are priced at IDR 10,000, young coconut IDR 20,000, and fried banana IDR 2,000 / fruit. Not too expensive right?

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat Is To Protect the skin

The sun is shining brightly there, so it is mandatory to wear sunblock when you’re doing activities in nature. Sunblock can reduce the risk of sunburn and keep us away from the dangers of cancer.

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat Is To Bring Cash

In Raja Ampat it is difficult to find an ATM, so it is advisable to bring cash to make payments easier there.

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat Is To Wear Comfortable Footwear

In Raja Ampat, besides enjoying the beauty of the underwater tourists will also be presented with views from the top of the cliff. Therefore, use mountain sandals or shoes that are comfortable and strong for trekking there.

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat Is To Maintain Health

Activities for days make the body tired and sometimes the immunity drops. For that, it is advisable to take vitamins to maintain endurance. Drink lots of water too to avoid dehydration.

Well, those are some things to consider before a vacation to Raja Ampat. Prepare your camera to capture memories. Have a good vacation!