Traditional Songs Of Raja Ampat


Traditional Songs Of Raja Ampat

Traditional Songs Of Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat as part of the province of West Papua on the island of Papua, is rich with variety of cultural arts of music, dance and crafts, typical of Papua that are very exotic.

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Each tribe scattered in the Raja Ampat islands generally have a dance and tradition practices by themselves.

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General characteristics of the dance and music of Raja Ampat is a dance movement that generally shown with a vibrant and accompanied by percussion instruments typical Papua named Tifa, gong (mambokon) and drums (bakulu).

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In addition to percussion instruments, stringed instruments such as guitars and wind instruments such as flutes and wind instruments of seashells are also often used to accompany the dance.

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Some examples of dances that are often displayed in various ceremonies and reception are the Wor dance, Main Moun, Batpo Dance, dance and art Flute Tambour Yako.

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Female dancer costumes used in a variety of typical dances Raja Ampat usually use a mix of bright colors with high contrast such as red, dark yellow, light green and light blue.

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As for the male dancer costume generally is shirtless at the top and to cover the waist down normally use Papua typical costume that stay in the coastal area is clothing from coir materials (fibers), woven coconut leaves or feathers and animal skins depending on the type of dance sung.

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There are also men who perform using typical genitalia cover named koteka. Papua male and female dancers will perform complete with accessories and makeup distinctive and exotic that can only be encountered in the traditional art of the island of Papua.

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Typical songs of Raja Ampat, Papua generally rhythmic carefree but like to have some kind of allure that washed away when we enjoy it. Generally, the songs sung with a mix of Papua vocals sound more than one person.

It is wonderful to enjoy a typical Papua song on the beach while relaxing or to accompany your trip in Raja Ampat.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort oftentimes invites local people who can dance and sing well to perform in our resort.

Based on our experiences, we could see that guests, especially the one from western countries really enjoy and appreciate this traditional performances.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort decides to continue inviting the local dancers and singers to perform even more often. – Traditional Songs Of Raja Ampat.

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