Travel To Raja Ampat For Holiday Or Vacation

Travel to Raja Ampat

First Time to Raja Ampat

Travel To Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat, West Papua has become a dream destination for many people. But before you make up your mind to visit Raja Ampat, there are a few things you need to know to be a careful consideration and preparation. KompasTravel in the Lovely Raja Ampat Festival held on 18-21 October 2016 at Waisai Torang Cinta Beach, Raja Ampat summarized a number of things that must be prepared when visiting Raja Ampat as follows :

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1. Raja Ampat

The vast archipelago of Raja Ampat is a regency in West Papua consisting of 1,864 islands. Raja Ampat’s four major islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. The Raja Ampat area is 80 percent covered by water and 20% is land. Study the Raja Ampat map before you plan your vacation, this is a basic knowledge that is useful for choosing where to stay, transportation budget, to tourist routes.

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2. Tariffs required to enter Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat imposed Environmental Maintenance Services (TLPL) Tariffs, which are useful for monitoring and monitoring activities for conservation, community welfare, and Raja Ampat Regency development. TLPL is set at Rp. 500,000 per person for domestic tourists and Rp. 1 million per person for foreign tourists.

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3. Expensive transportation costs

Because the Raja Ampat region is an archipelago and the price of fuel is still expensive, ultimately affecting the price of motorboat rental for tourism. In a way, the cost of renting a motorboat is the largest budget post when travelling in Raja Ampat. For example, a trip from Waisai, the district town of Raja Ampat to Piayenemo, costs Rp. 8 million for a motorboat with 10-12 people. To reduce the transportation budget, go to Raja Ampat in a group, aka group.

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4. Stay options vary

Want a homestay at a friendly price or stay at a luxury resort? Raja Ampat has everything. Lodging in Raja Ampat is varied. Homestay prices in Raja Ampat start at Rp. 250,000 per night, to luxury resorts at Rp. 6 million per night. Things you need to know, this inn is spread on Raja Ampat islands. So when booking lodging, what needs to be paid attention to in advance is the location of the inn. The location of the inn will ultimately affect your tour route.

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5. Not easy to find food

When at the inn, eating is certainly not a difficult thing because almost all lodging in Raja Ampat has included dining facilities three times a day. But if you intend to island hopping, aka tours to the islands, eating a difficult case, because time will be spent at sea. Prepare food before island hopping in Raja Ampat. Similarly, the provision of snacks for lodging. Unless you stay overnight in downtown Waisai, there are markets, food stalls and restaurants.

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6. Dive license

For those of you who want to try out the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, take a diving license first. Because diving in Raja Ampat requires a diving course license. Although it doesn’t rule out you might be able to discover scuba diving in Raja Ampat. Unfortunately, not on a dive site that is famous for its beauty.

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