Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive

Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive

Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive

Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive – Raja Ampat tourism in the eastern tip of Indonesia is indeed undeniable as a tourist destination that is classified as not cheap to enjoy its beauty.

Do you believe me For the price of airplane tickets from Jakarta to Raja Ampat, the price is almost the same for airplane tickets to Japan, Korea starts from millions only for airplane tickets.

Penasuggest why traveling to Raja Ampat is almost the same for traveling abroad? Here is the reason Airpaz has summarized for you!

Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive. The distance is far because it is on the eastern tip of Indonesia
Yuppss …. To go to Raja Ampat in Papua you need approximately 8 hours from departure in Jakarta to Sorong. Otomoatis ticket prices are priced expensive to get there. Don’t believe the nutrient of the ticket is quite fantastic? To go to Raja Ampat, you can choose the airport to Sorong. Just try to check the route and price

Price rates High mode of transportation to reach one point of a tourist destination to another tourist destination
Raja Ampat is known as an archipelago that has many islands with a total of 1,864 islands. Therefore, of course to visit a tourist destination spot and other tourist spots requires a speed boat or long boat. For the time to move from one tourist place to another, it is estimated that it takes 3 hours. So you can imagine how much the transportation tariff is when you get there?

Maintaining the authenticity of Raja Ampat the entrance fee for the environment is fairly WAH …
As a supporter of Raja Ampat’s environmental services or call the permit fee to enter Raja Ampat Park known as the general PIN, local tourists are charged a tariff of 500 thousand to visit, while the entry permit fee for foreign tourists is subject to a tariff of 1 million. Entrance rates are quite high enough to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat, which will be worth the effort you spend.

Let’s see the privileges of Raja Ampat so you must fight for Raja Ampat holidays!

Traveling To Raja Ampat Expensive. Privileges of Raja Ampat As a Dream Destination Target traveler!
Assessed Raja Ampat as a dream destination to visit. Apparently this is a privilege that makes Raja Ampat a place for tourists to visit! Come on, see the features below!

1. Have sea as clear as glass
Yes … It is undeniable that the sea in Raja Ampat has glass-clear water where tourists want to see the marine biota on the seabed without diving because tourists can see directly under the Raja Ampat sea from the ship.

2. Amazing underwater nature
Raja Ampat is also known for its amazing underwater world. There are various coral reefs and various fish that live there. Certainly, the beauty in Raja Ampat is beyond doubt.

3. Having the most complete flora and fauna
Complete Raja Ampat to have various flora such as having mangrove forests, seagrass beds, various varieties of orchids, also other marine biota such as coral sharks, tuna, barracuda, Wilson’s paradise, red paradise, various parrots and parrots, maleo waigeo, cuscus waigeo, manta rays, eviota fish, etc.

4. Have an interesting historical heritage
In addition to seeing the exotic marine biota in Raja Ampat, you can also see past relics such as prehistoric relics in the form of handprints found on the rock walls contained in caves in the Misool Mountains close to sea water. This evidence also becomes a clue to human distribution.

5. See the authenticity of the Raja Ampat community
Do you know? That the people in Raja Ampat are very happy to welcome guests from outside the area where they will be very happy if we bring souvenirs in the form of areca nut or candy. Of course we can have a friendly chat with the people of Raja Ampat.

Low Cost for Raja Ampat Ala Backpaker 4H3M Price of 7 Million
In planning a vacation, there are four important points that we need to calculate, namely transportation, consumption, playground and accommodation.

Of course transportation is the main thing to go to Raja Ampat, if miscalculation can be a budget to Raja Ampat can exceed 7 million. Let’s look at the calculation of the estimated costs for transportation, consumption, play and accommodation in Raja Ampat.

Besides transportation, what you need to take into account is also

Flight ticket for Jakarta-Sorong Rp.3,400,000

Sorong-Waisai Fast Ship Ticket Rp. 300,000

The tariff for Environmental Maintenance Services in Raja Ampat is Rp. 500,000

Three-night accommodation IDR 900,000

Transportation in Raja Ampat (Wayag) Rp. 1,500,000

Consumption of IDR 250,000

Unexpected expenditure of Rp 150,000

TOTAL IDR 7,000,000

To Raja Ampat 4 Days 3 Nights, you need to spend around 7 million with a route only in the Wayag area and surrounding areas. It’s already imagined the price range to visit this exotic Raja Ampat. You don’t need to worry, surely the price you pay is comparable to that obtained.

More economical way to Raja Ampat
1. Using Price Alerts
Want your budget to be more efficient? If you don’t know, now there is a price alert feature that makes it easy to monitor the price of airline tickets and inform them according to the price you expect. If you don’t know how to work and use the price alert feature. You can learn it here.

2. Go with many friends as a backpeker
Yups … going together or in groups to Raja Ampat will reduce transportation costs. Because to visit one island to another, the cost is quite expensive. If you go in groups, you do not need to pay alone costs because it can be a joint venture to get cheaper transportation costs.

In addition to Raja Ampat, 7 this destination is also a favorite of tourists visiting Papua! Have a dream to visit tourist destinations at the eastern end of Papua? Surely I certainly have a dream to come here. Because Papua has a destination like Raja Ampat which has natural beauty and amazing underwater scenery.

But, not only Raja Ampat, you are famous for its beauty. If you go to Papua, some destinations below also have a beauty that is no less overwhelming. What are you curious about? Simaki below!

1. Cendrawasih Bay National Park
The beauty of the national park, which has an area of 1,453,500 hectares and 90% of it in the form of water, is not inferior to Raja Ampat. Here there are 200 coral reefs, 196 types of mollusks, and 209 species of fish that you can see if you enjoy the underwater world.

While on land there are 5 types of reptiles, 37 species of birds, and 183 land fauna. Besides enjoying the underwater, you can also explore nearby islands such as Mioswaar Island, Yoop Island, Numfor Island, Nusrowi Island.

2. Lake Sentani
When you visit Papua it is incomplete if you don’t visit the biggest lake. The lake has amazing views, with 21 islands that adorn. On Lake Sentani you can do various activities such as swimming, fishing, renting a boat and going around the lake, or eating culinary on the lake. After being satisfied exploring, you can visit several villages around the lake and interact with local residents. Especially if you come in mid-June, you can see the Lake Sentani Festival.

3. Baliem Valley
This valley is located around Mount Jayawijaya and is home to Dani, Yali, and Lani tribes. When you visit there, the scenery is like the stone age warrior you will meet. You can walk or ride a bicycle to see the lives of indigenous people who still maintain their traditions. When visiting in August, you can enjoy the Baliem Valley Festival held for three days.