Trekking In Piaynemo Raja Ampat

Trekking in Piaynemo Raja Ampat

Trekking In Pianemo Raja Ampat

Trekking in Piaynemo Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat is famous for its coral islands, one of which is Piaynemo. This is where you can see the coral islands with various sizes available in a wide area. The water is clear blue and the scenery is amazing! Communities around Piaynemo call it a ‘Small Wayag’.

This is because the view from the top of the rocky cliffs, is like a group of islands in Wayag, but in a mini size.

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From the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai, trips to Piaynemo can be reached within 2 hours away by speed boat. During the trip to Piaynemo, it is like an infinite endless blue ocean.

Several times we could see silhouette green hilly island, virgin forests, and birds swooping fly doing fish hunt.

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The hills above cliffs overgrown trees greeted us upon entering Piaynemo. Small coral islands here are generally uninhabited.

Cliffs that are still alive, continues to grow and the hills are getting higher every year, explained by our local people guide.

There are three commonly used pathway hill tracks here. Hill about 15 meters altitude in Tanjung Bintang, Bald Hill which is about 30 meters, and the highest 40 meters.

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Do not think there has been provided lane track for tourists. Wearing special shoes or boots of rubber tracks are closed will be very helpful and prevent injuries from slipping or scratched razor-sharp coral.

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Bring only the camera, or smartphone, and a bottle of water while climbing. Do not rush when to climb and descend. The view from the summit of the hills is amazing.

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Mount Halak

From Mount Halak, a traveller will understand why Piaynemo is called Small Wayag. The difference is, the group of coral islands in Wayag are larger and elongated.

While in Piaynemo, they are smaller coral islands and form a horizontal line.

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From the top of the hill in Cape star, surrounded sea islands formed like stars. From the top of the hill-tops, coloured coral turquoise lagoon base can still be seen.

Highly recommended tracks start here since eight in the morning to prevent overheating. Then you can relax in the lodge guard Piaynemo region.

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Among lush mangrove trees behind the cottage, there is a natural pond inhabited sardines. Storks did not hesitate to look for fish in front of the cottage. But prohibited fishing or take whatever it is!

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Piaynemo is included as protected areas. Before leaving Piaynemo, the guide took us around the islands, sailing from lagoon to lagoon. Green calm water calling us to immediately jump into it.

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Some foreign tourists seem to enjoy snorkelling here. When the tour packages in Raja Ampat are spelt to be the most expensive in Indonesia, it is reasonable expenses incurred by tourists.

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Now how local government and communities in Raja Ampat can be effectively and transparently manage revenues from tourism, to maintain and preserve the natural resources on land and sea in order to remain sustainable, which means it will also bring prosperity.

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As a solo traveller, let us support and help the community and Raja Ampat in Papua to maintain and preserve its natural resources by not taking anything and do not leave any traces except memories in the form of photographs and memories.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort almost every month brings guests to Piaynemo. Some tips to potential future guests of Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort who are interested. To prove the beauty of Piaynemo are come by the group between 4 – 6 person.

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This will reduce the cost of speedboat transportation, since the cost can be shared. On the way to Piaynemo, other destinations or activities could be done. Stop by in Hidden Bay, and doing snorkelling in Melissa Garden are highly recommended.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort welcomes future potential guests. To enjoy the breathtaking view of Piaynemo.

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