Tropical Fruit Raja Ampat

 Tropical Fruit Raja Ampat

Tropical Fruit Raja Ampat

Tropical Fruit Raja Ampat – Since hundreds of years ago, banana (Musa Paradisiacal) turned out. To have been a part of the human diet.

Fossil research in Papua New Guinea showed domestication. And cultivation of more than 10,000 years ago.

Benefits of banana plants are in all parts of the plant.

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Namely starting from the root to drugs, stem to rafts and rigging. Leaves for wrapping, and of course, the benefits of bananas to eat.

When compared with other fruits. Bananas have a soft texture with a delicious flavour.

In addition, the banana is a fruit that is practical. Easy to peel without tools.

Bananas are available all year round. At affordable prices for fruit.

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Bananas originated in Southeast Asia. A region with very high species diversity.

In Indonesia alone was found about 300 species of cultivated bananas.

Latin in a banana is taken. From the name of a royal physician. At the time of the Roman emperor in the year 63-64 BC.

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In general, the bananas themselves can be grouped into two major categories:

  1. Bananas that can be directly consumed. Examples of the first group include plantain, banana, or banana.
  1. Bananas need to be treated before it is consumed (known as plantain).

Partly in the territory of Papua plantain. Used as a staple food. Used as a substitute for rice. Which is the main menu and eaten with other side dishes. It’s not surprising that consumption of bananas. In Papua was very high.

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Irian bananas are always inviting the admiration. Of people who see them. It was like a giant compared to other bananas.

The sign contains 13-24 pieces that are divided into two combs.

Fruit at first comb more than the second. Fortunately, jumbo fruit was supported by a sturdy tree. Towering no less than 4 m.

The diameter of the stem 2 times greater than the usual horns. Given the shape of bananas, Irian is similar horns.

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Only horns irian look fat, not angular and thinner skin. With a sturdy trunk, the tree would not mind. A collapsed fruit must be exposed to the wind.

Irian fruitful horn at the age of nine months. The distance between the old flowering. To fruit takes about five months.

If it is old in a tree, waiting for mature only takes 4-5 days.

Fruit maturity is characterized by yellowing of the skin. When cut, the visible texture of the leaves is soft reddish yellow, shiny seedless.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort one of the resorts are located. On the island that is preserving banana Dewaka. By planting bananas around the resort area.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort most of the time. Invents recipes for the main course. Appetizers or desserts for the guests.

Which are using local ingredients such as Dewaka banana.

Especially, for Dewaka banana, after being processed. It tastes sweet and fluffier texture.

The older the tree, the sweeter and fluffier it tastes.

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Especially, when it’s really going. To be sweeter than ripe bananas horn. In the immature fruit. There is little sour taste.

Besides wrapped, it is a potential banana jumbo processed into other forms. Such as chips.

The sliced is ​​lengthwise. And crosswise as good.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort priorities local fruits. To give be given to the guests.

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