Under Water Paradise Raja Ampat

Under Water Paradise Raja Ampat

Under Water Paradise Raja Ampat

Under Water Paradise Raja Ampat – The colorful coral reefs in Raja Ampat waters radiate beautifully. Without having to dive and enter the sea in all its shallow sea contents. It has been seen and represents almost most of the contents of the deep sea.

Small fish like dancing show off their bodies. Quiet waves of waves give them the opportunity to swim in groups. And get closer to human dwelling areas. The fish combined with a charming coral presents a paradise for world divers.

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Raja Ampat Sea does have a beauty that has not been matched by any place in Indonesia. Even, Raja Ampat can be compared. With the world’s beautiful waters such as the Maldives, the Mediterranean Sea, or the Fiji Islands. Under Water Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat is one of the 10 best dive sites the world has. In fact, it is recognized as the number one waters in the world that has the most complete flora and fauna in the world.

Dr. John Veron

A coral expert, Dr. John Veron once mentioned in his research that Raja Ampat has 450 species of coral. That are identified as still developing very well. A Conservation International (CI) agency in collaboration with the National Oceanography Institute (LON). And the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has also conducted a study in 2001 and 2002.

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The results of this study show that Raja Ampat has nearly 75% of existing coral reefs. Around the world. In addition, the waters of Raja Ampat are home. To more than 1000 species of reef fish. And 700 types of molluscs. The conclusion, of the study, is that none of the world’s waters has this condition other than Raja Ampat. Under Water Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Sea Area

The Raja Ampat Sea Area covers more than 85% of the Raja Ampat area. This condition is inversely proportional to the land area. This is, of course, the main attraction for Raja Ampat. Especially in the eyes of divers.

The famous diving spots in Raja Ampat, include Cape Kri. Which is not far from Mansuar island, the Blue Magic which has beautiful coral. Or the waters around Arborek island which is a Manta Stingray habitat.

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Fish species that live in these waters exceed the number of land animal species. The world’s divers love Raja Ampat. Because, of the biological wealth possessed by its underwater paradise. To call Raja Ampat the Underwater Sea of the World.

Many unique marine species such as wobbegong (a type of cuttlefish/squid), mini seahorses. Or even large fish such as sharks, manta rays, and legendary mermaids.

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Divers also often find and swim with a collection of Tuna, Giant Trevally, or Snappers.

In fact, dangerous fish such as Barracuda often accompany divers when enjoying the beauty of the Raja Ampat underwater ecosystem.

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The diversity possessed by the Raja Ampat Sea is caused by the position of this region in the waters between 2 continents and 2 oceans. This makes a large number of ecosystems and species crosses occur between the 2 major Asia-Pacific regions.

Raja Ampat’s waters condition is also very good for breeding marine ecosystems. Sea surface temperatures range around 28 degrees Celsius and at certain depths reach 27 degrees Celsius.

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Besides that, sunlight can penetrate the sea depth up to 30 meters, of course, this is very good for coral reefs and Raja Ampat marine fish. Coral reef ecosystems in Raja Ampat also have special characteristics that can actively manage their own food for the organisms in it. In fact, coral reef ecosystems in Raja Ampat are nutrient-poor and oligotrophic.

The beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat is no doubt. Raja Ampat is a great asset for the successful preservation of coral reefs and the world’s marine fish populations.

The Raja Ampat Islands have an important role to play in the preservation of the world, therefore many world conservation institutions are directing their focus to this place.

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In fact, foreign tourists need special permission to enter the Raja Ampat perariran area. The Indonesian government has also issued many restrictions on catching rare fish in Raja Ampat.

In addition, various efforts to conserve coral reefs have also been carried out in several places such as Misool or Waigeo Island. All of this is an effort to create preservation of the world that starts from the Raja Ampat Underwater Paradise. Doberai Private Island always supports conservation programs.

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