Unique Life Raja Ampat Community

Unique Life Raja Ampat Community

Unique Life Raja Ampat Community

Unique Life Raja Ampat Community – The native people of Raja Ampat is composed of many indigenous tribes. The indigenous tribes there who inhabit the region and the Raja Ampat archipelago since hundreds of years ago.

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Migrated from other islands in the region around Raja Ampat.

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In the book Profile Hobbies Travel Raja Ampat, West Papua, a book published by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Raja Ampat, given that there are at least 12 indigenous tribes who currently inhabit the islands of Raja Ampat.

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Like the lyrics of a song written by Frankie Sahilatua (deceased) entitled “I’m Papua” that is often sung by the artist from Papua Edo Kondologit.

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Characteristic of Native Raja Ampat islands are like our brothers who came from Papua is black and curly hair.

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As the inhabitants of the archipelago that most of its territory is sea, the main source of livelihood of the majority of the people of Raja Ampat is to cultivate a variety of natural resources from the sea.

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Such as fishing, maker of salted fish, seaweed search, or as a provider of transportation services inter-island sea etc.

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One of the native tribes Raja Ampat are those who inhabit the villages in the Mayalibith bay area Raja Ampat, they are in Kampung Lopintol and Warema.

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Residents Lopintol is known as the night light fisherman. They worked without a fishing rod or net, but the technique of ‘light fishing’.

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Fishermen use kerosene lamps highlight to attract fish. This method is very effective, so they can catch 40 fish in one action. While residents in Kampung Warema has a habit of hunting sago worm for consumption.

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Residents looking sago worms that live in the sago tree trunk that has been cut down and started to rot.

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In addition to cooking, local residents commonly eat raw sago worm or still alive. If you visit the village, you might get a challenge from residents to eat sago worm newly taken from the tree.

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Raja Ampat communities also keep track of history, in the form of ancient paintings and hand stamp on the cliffs of limestone islands in the Gulf region Kabui.

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Your adventure in Raja Ampat should end with a climb to the top of Wayag Islands, which has a panoramic view like ‘fragments of heaven fallen to the earth’. – Unique Life Raja Ampat Community

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