In the context of Raja Ampat community sago plant is very guarded and preserved by older people or their ancestors. Sago is a plant that is typical for Raja Ampat. Therefore, these plants should be kept in the preservation.

There is no doubt that for Raja Ampat people sago is a typical food that can support their life. Both as a source of food and income and the money can be used for living.. If the sago tree is old enough then:

  1. sago starch material processed into food industry,
  2. cortex / sago trunk processed into paper industry;
  3. sago pulp is processed into animal feed mixtures,
  4. Can be used as a mixture of charcoal, a mixture of particle board, medium mushrooms,
  5. From the sago tree can make plywood, textiles, chemicals, organic acids, fructose, ethanol as a staple energy.

Therefore, sago has a central position to the lives of the people of Raja Ampat. Sago function for society Raja Ampat as has been mentioned as a sustainer of life. Sago / sago provide guarantees for the life of every day, a tool / means of support for school children.

Utilization of sago palm when starting planted until cleared for take out contents: age 1-3 years branch leaves used as ropes; 4-5 years old branch leaves used for house walls and aged 6-20 years can be used also for the manufacture of glue, pastries and ethanol. This is the age of sago in the traditional function or benefit.

Sago has multiple functions and benefits the world and sago gatherer societies. There is no doubt would benefit from sago palm. There are two important points of the advantages and benefits of planting and preserving sago:

  1. sago tree (leaves) are the largest producer of oxygen compared to other plants. This is the main point because so much carbon dioxide that cause depleting the ozone layer and the temperature of the earth heats up, people seemed to live in a glass house.
  1. It has a high economic value. According to the results of research that sago was able to feed the world. Results of research excellence function that if a tree is planted area of ​​200 hectares it is able to live in Asia. Appropriate research results have proven the usefulness of sago economic value. Sago contributes very much to address the food crisis and help tackle global warning (global warming).

However, if the sago tree is not cultivated, the impact advantage of sago tree will turn into a loss for sago gatherer society but have an impact on the world. One of the global problems facing the world is unrest and aridity for humans. Especially for people gatherer culture sago will lose value and will experience a shortage of food. Unrest and aridity experienced by the world because the act of man himself. In practical economic value goes up causing increasing human needs. And as a contributor to oxygen in order to reduce the impact of global warning.Raja ampat resort.

Benefits of sago and sago tree traditionally for Raja Ampat community; rope as a binder replacement spikes, stem/gaba as a replacement home wall wood and plywood, leaves as a substitute for zinc roofs as well as camshaft, sago tree bark as a substitute for wood or plank flooring, pulp ell as producing fungi, edible fungi more by mothers The new maternity as medicine, sago tree roots as well as medicine.Raja ampat resort.

Raja AmpatDoberai Eco Resort is located on the Urai Island has 7 pieces bungalow standing on the water, the whole building utilizing the sago tree as the basic construction bungalow such as: wall bungalow using sago palm fronds, roof bungalows using sago leaves and floor bungalow using sago tree trunk . One way of Raja AmpatDoberai Eco Resort preserves local cultural wisdom is utilizing the sago tree in building construction resort. Raja AmpatDoberai Eco Resort also invites guests to keep and maintain the existing plant sago trees around the resort area. Raja ampat resort.