Visitor’s Review On Wayag Island

Visitor’s Review On Wayag Island

Visitor's Review On Wayag Island

Visitor’s Review On Wayag Island – One of our visitors wrote about Doberai Private Island and his experience in Raja Ampat.

“Wayag Island is one of the tourism icons in Raja Ampat, West Papua, which is a coral hills area. This place is quite far from Urai Island, where I stay which also has a beautiful view. Approximately 3-4 hours of travel must be taken by speedboat to pass through the Halmahera Sea to the exotic region.

Raja Ampat Resort. Other activities that can be done in Wayag besides climbing the coral hill, namely: snorkeling, playing and feeding sharks, and visiting the Selpele fishing village while sharing with local residents.”

In this article I will tell you the thrill of overcoming fear in Wayag. The adventure starts with the challenge of climbing a rocky hill then playing and feeding sharks.

Visitor’s Review On Wayag Island. There are two peaks of Wayag, which are 80 meters high and 100 meters high. When I visited, the 100 meter high hill was full of tourists. Finally, my colleagues and I decided to climb the 80 meter high hill.

Steep climbing area with a slope of almost 90 degrees. Had wondered whether I was able to reach its peak or not. However, I got rid of doubts and tried to conquer that fear. Testimonials of visitors who have reached the summit said the view was beautiful. You never know until you try. So, I try!

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