Foto Wayag

Halong Bay in Vietnam is already established as one of the New7Wonders. But that does not mean Wayag in Raja Ampat can not be its competitor. In terms of natural beauty, Wayag, the gorgeous islands in eastern Indonesia has become rival of Halong Bay. Come to discover the thrill of Raja Ampat and beautiful life there. Clusters in the Raja Ampat islands provide inspiration for everyone who visits. How much more when you come to Wayag.

Travel to Wayag takes about 6 hours drive from Waisai. Up in Wayag, a traveler is obliged to stop by the post to report and show PIN that has been bought in Waisai or Sorong. If you are lucky .. the weather is friendly, and the sea breeze is not so great. The sea than will be so calm and clear like glass table. It is very nice to see the sky is mirrored to sea. Clusters and islands are so beautiful clouds reflected in the crystal clear sea. Since we left Waisai, the view of the sea is blue, skies and a tiny little island that arise from the surface of the water looks like emerald green, green tree growing island … .. really very spectacular view.

Subhannalah. Photo shots of the camera from all of the participants created an atmosphere of silence and quiet. All were amazed. All enchanted by the magic of the beautiful. All praise the beauty of the nature for the first time it was seen. Halong Bay in Vietnam that I’ve seen, it is not nothing compare to this.
Wayag, the name of the archipelago, consisting of hundreds of small islands has become an official photo landscape that represent Raja Ampat tourism industry. In other word, it is officially the icon of Raja Ampat.
Spectacular scenery and powerful, look left and right there are small mountains sticking out into the air from the ocean floor, creating extremely beautiful scenery.

In order to get to the peak we have to climb for about 300 meter high, with most of the pathways have 45 degrees, sometimes there are 60-70 degrees. The climb will take about 30 minutes, exhausting enough, especially for the one who is not in their best condition. The tiredness disappears right away the moment you reach the summit and see the view 360 degree around you. The beauty is almost impossible to tell or to be written. All the tiredness and especially the money that we had spent are forgotten completely. It is completely incomparable. Come here by yourself and prove it that it is extremely beautiful.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort also provides service to bring guests to Wayag. Since Wayag is 3,5 hours by speed boat to reach, and much more is that half of the trip is open sea, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort prioritizes safety above all. Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort ensures that all safety stuffs such as; telephone satellite, GPS, flash light, machine mechanic tools, spare part, first aid box, live vast, and the speed boat that we use is in its best fit condition.

In order to make sure that the guests would be satisfied, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort understands that the guests must have enough time to play around in Wayag. Hence, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort always spends one night and two days in Wayag. By doing that, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is able to conduct trekking in the afternoon and in the morning, not to mention island hopping inside Wayag area.