Why Visit Raja Ampat is Expensive?

Has exotic tourist destinations. Did you know that traveling there is very expensive. This is the reason!
Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This new belle of eastern Indonesia has begun to be known by many domestic and foreign tourists. But unfortunately, the cost to visit the place is still fairly expensive.

Just imagine, to enjoy the beauty that is in this place, at least tourists have to spend around Rp. 5 million for an estimated 5-6 days (excluding return airplane tickets).

Infrastructure development that has not been evenly distributed is indeed one of the main reasons, the high cost of living in the region.

However, there are other interesting facts conveyed by the Head of the West Papua Province Tourism Office, Edi Sumarwoto.
“The infrastructure in Raja Ampat is still very minimal. To move from one spot to another must use a speed boat or long boat with an estimated 3 hours. How inexpensive it costs, “he told Okezone, Friday (09/30/2016).

This infrastructure also has an impact on fuel oil services around the area. Edi admitted, up to this moment there is no fuel service available at the normal price.

In addition, labor shortages in Raja Ampat make operational costs more expensive. The only way is to accelerate infrastructure such as the construction of airports, ports and adequate transportation equipment.

“Don’t bother talking about fuel. The clean water supply here is all pure gallon water. Supplied from Sorong at a price of Rp 50,000, after entering Raja Ampat the price has doubled, “he explained.

Seeing this, Edi appealed to the Ministry of Tourism to seriously support national-oriented development.

According to him, infrastructure improvements in Raja Ampat have begun to be felt, but the movement is very slow because it is not yet serious.

“Maybe” they “still prioritize their respective regions. We feel to be compartmentalized and the implementation still tends to be regional, “he concluded.